Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do these tests count for credit at my college?

    The vast majority of colleges accept these credits; over 2900 colleges take them. There are multiple programs that offer these tests; some of which have been around over 50 years! Email us a list of your college choices and we will send you a free report of what tests they accept!

  • How does it affect my GPA?

    The tests are a simple Pass/Fail. For each test that you pass, you will normally get 3-12 hours of college credit towards your degree. It does not affect your GPA in the majority of cases!

  • What are the tests like?

    The majority of these tests are mutiple choice. In the Knock Out College online course, we show you the full process of testing out from start to finish! We've made the mistakes so you don't have to!

  • What about the college experience?

    By doing Knock Out College, you can have even more of a college experience than those who don't test out! Take 12 credit hours instead of 15 or 18 and spend your free time on athletics, harder classes, or just watching Netflix!

  • How do I get started?

    Purchase the Knock Out College course and we will walk you through the process. There's a lot of pitfalls we nagivate you around so you can just focus on studying and getting credits. Whether you just want to take a test or two, or a year's worth, we'll teach you how to test out and start saving time and money!