Knock Out College Video Course

Here is everything you need to know about testing out of college. Check out the money back guarantee at the bottom this page. When you sign up, you will have access to 20 Video Lessons plus Bonus Videos. Still not sure? Just email us for a free consultation to answer your questions.

The Price

Our course is $50. Just one average college course is over $2,300. With the knowledge from this course, you can save tens of thousands on your degree! (Wait, only $50? Surely someone left out a digit.)

Change your future

  • Save Time

    Tired of spending a whole semester before completing a class? Knock Out College allows you to take your time back into your own hands and go at your own pace. You can complete a class in a week or a month! The choice is yours.

  • Save Money

    Don't want to start off your post-college life with a crushing mountain of debt? Learn how to not only save more than 98% off the average college class, but also how to make money while in college. (No burger-flipping job required.)

  • Live Free

    Don't want to spend the best years of your life in a classroom? You don't have to! Work on your career, travel the world, whatever you wanna do, all while getting your degree.

  • Money-back Guarantee

    We want you to be satisfied. If the content doesn't live up to what we've explained it can do and you're not satisfied, let us know! We'll refund the course to you! Terms and conditions apply.