How Much Can I Really Save?

The Real Cost of College 2019

  • Avg. Public University In-State

    $20,770 per year

  • Avg. Public University Out-of-State

    $36,420 per year

  • Avg. Private University

    $46,950 per year

  • Knock Out College

    $50 one time

Grayson Marshall

Founder and President of Knock Out College

My name is Grayson Marshall, founder of Knock Out College. I created this online course to help with testing out of some college classes. While searching for a college to get my degree, I stubbornly decided I would NOT go into debt. I instead chose to test out of classes, which resulted in completing 45 credits of college in just 4 months! It only cost me $1,900. In addition, I had the freedom to travel and work at the same time. I traveled all over the USA and even to Japan, all while knocking out college. (And I never went to a classroom.) I want to give all students the opportunity to save time and money and stay out of student debt the way I did. If you buy the course and simply apply the knowledge, you will save TENS of THOUSANDS on your education, just like I did!
Grayson Marshall

More about Us

  • A Personal Mission

    Our founder, Grayson Marshall, tested out of classes himself and knew that many more students could benefit if the process was simple. Our goal is to help others use this method to save time and money on higher education.

  • The First of Its Kind

    The education landscape has been changing rapidly. Knock Out College is proud to be the first to provide an online curriculum to help students navigate the testing out process!

  • Continuous Updates

    We at Knock Out College keep our eyes on the higher education field. We make sure that you have the updates you need both in the course and through our email newsletters.